Chef Fabrizio collaborates with several catering partners in Singapore and can provide the best traditional Italian Cuisine, same menus and meals as per Private Chef.

What we offer: We have a fairly wide range of recipes related to Italian Cuisine in our programs and workshops. Our menu selection covers:

  • Traditional / Regional Italian Cuisine
  • Fine Dining Italian Cuisine

We also offer customized menus for individuals who require special recipes due to

  • Diet constraints
  • Health reasons
  • Religious / Personal beliefs

To Whom: Food enthusiasts who request our Chefs and/ or in-house Chef Fab to cater at their venue for up to 20 pax.

  • Individuals and Corporates
  • Food Gourmets
  • Anniversaries, Bachelorette Parties, Graduations, Birthdays and Festive Event Celebrations
  • Employee Rewards and Presents to Loved Ones/Friends/Family
  • The Menu Structure:
  • Appetizers
  • Pasta/Soup/Risotto
  • Main Courses (Choice of: vegetarian/seafood/meat/poultry)
  • Dessert

Methodology: We prepare meals that we will deliver to your venue. All drinks, cooking utensils, cutlery, kitchenware and equipment will be provided by the client, unless agreed otherwise in which case we can provide basic cuisine tools. Upon request by the client, we can also provide Italian wine and other beverages.

Location: Your choice of venue or premises that allows delivery of catered food.

Our Menu: some examples (Please refer to the below mentioned attachment “downloadable version”)

Price: between S$48 – S$98 per pax (depending on menu choice). Complimentary Italian bottled water. In the case of delivery for a small party of 2-4 pax or for a total below S$400, additional S$50 on the total amount.

Conditions and Policies: 50% deposit in advance, 30% 5 days before delivery of the service, 20% on the day. On the event of cancellation 3 or more days before the date of the event, there will not be a refund of the initial deposit. On the event of cancellation after the purchase of the ingredients (3 days before the event), there will NOT be a refund of the initial deposit and the second deposit of 30%.