Team Building

Our activities, suitable for:

Corporate Team Building, Schools, Associations, Clubs, Groups, Communities, Institutions. Passionate lovers of Italian Language, Cuisine, Culture, Gourmets and Gastronomy Connoisseurs, Students of Language and Cuisine. Anniversaries’, Hen’s Night’s, Graduation’s, Birthday’s and other Events’ Celebrations. Employee Rewards and Presents to Loved Ones/Friends/Family.


Team Building and binding: enjoy the pleasure of binding and building your school, company, association, institution personnel team!

A team that cooks or learns together stays together

At FABItalia Lifestyle, our focus is in ensuring that your staff is provided with a conducive environment that facilitates team building and binding. In addition, here are other things you can look forward to planning your next corporate/group team building/binding events of cuisine, culture, and language with us.

It’s all about teamwork

Cooking or having some cultural/language seminar or program is more than just filling your tummy or listen to something; it is about filling your time with special moments as you work together as a team to prepare a scrumptious dinner for all or you learn something new and interesting which will enrich you and your staff. Take this cooking/learning experience as an opportunity to get to know your colleagues better and strengthen your team’s camaraderie.

Choose your Lesson/Seminar/Workshop

FABItalia Lifestyle has its own wide repertoire of Italian Cuisine workshops, and artistic, historic, touristic, Italian cultural events, same as regarding Italian language and Country. By the way you might choose and propose topics concerning your main interest or something you would like we to do for you.

Put your stamp on it

In addition to choosing your preferred chef instructor and menu, you can also infuse a sense of company identity with customised team aprons and workshop material.

Teams of all sizes welcome

Depending on cooking classes or language/cultural events and seminars, we are able to accommodate teams as small as 8 people to those as large as 30/40 (activities vary with team sizes). Get in touch with our FABItalia Lifestyle Event Planner to find out more.

Available Venues

We can rent ToTT (West), BBC GoodFood Asia (East), other cooking schools studio, Chef Rooms of the Community Clubs (all Singapore), or organize at your venue for cuisine events. The price proposal will be according to the rental of the selected place. Same conditions apply for the language and cultural seminars.

Private parties, Anniversaries, Rewards, Presents

Customised for your needs

Whether you are hosting an intimate get together or a big bash, our FABItalia Lifestyle Party Planners can create a unique experience for you. You are welcome to choose or mix-n-match the activities to best suit your needs!

Hands on cooking & baking parties

From bachelorette parties, baby showers and anniversaries to a simple get-together with friends, FABItalia Lifestyle lets you get your hands dirty with a fun private cooking session led by one of our chefs.

Kids baking parties @ Bake&Go

Make your child’s birthday special with a fun-filled baking party with 6 kids or more! Let them shape their own pizzas, cookies and decorate cupcakes for a day of joy and laughter. Perfect for ages 6 to 12, for Vacation Periods, for Elementary Schools, and for Parents&Children.

Catering @ FABItalia Lifestyle

Share your personally curated menu with 20 of your friends at the FABItalia Lifestyle Catering. Pick from our special range of catered items while we are conducting our cultural / culinary / linguistic events.