Our activities, suitable for:

  • Corporate Team Building, Schools, Associations
  • Passionate lovers of Italian Language, Cuisine, Culture, Gourmets and Gastronomy Connoisseurs, Students of Language and Cuisine
  • Anniversaries’, Hen’s Night’s, Graduation’s, Birthday’s and other Events’ Celebrations
  • Employee Rewards and Presents to Loved Ones/Friends/Family


Italian Cuisine School, Workshops, Pizza, Pasta, Events, Catering, Hampers, Artisan food, Health Recipes, Private Chef, Consultant.


Italian Cuisine Programs, Italian Culture Programs, Italian Language Programs from FAB Italia and others in Singapore.


Italian Language School, Language Enrichment, Seminars, Events, History, Latin, Ancient Greek, Tuition, Culture Consultant.


About Italy, Language, Culture, Cuisine, Events, Italians and Italian Community in Singapore.


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Italian gourmet products and food, Italian wine, Italian lifestyle products, Italian artisan hand-made food in Singapore.