If you are craving for something authentically Italian, but cannot afford to fly over to Italy to grab that tub of pasta sauce, look no further. Chances are, we have them right in our store. So come on by and have a browse. You would be surprised at what you can find at our store. Quite honestly, we are quite blown away at how much we are offering at our store as well! Most of them are Italian best quality products which can only be found at high-end restaurants. These products must be ordered in advance and can only be delivered during our events and workshops. For an additional fee, we can deliver to your doorstep.



Brand (or equivalent)DescriptionPrice in S$
La ReginellaBurrata Cheese 250gr x 118,00
La ReginellaStracciatella 250gr x 118,00
La ReginellaSmoked Scamorza 350gr x 118,00
BaroneBuffalo Mozzarella 125gr x 216,00
BaroneSmoked Mozzarella 125gr x 216,00
GennariGrana Padano 1kg (and %)40,00
L'Antica CascinaPecorino 1kg (and %)65,00
L'Antica CascinaBlack Pepper Piper Nigrum 1 kg (and %)65,00
L'Antica CascinaChili Padi Peperoncino Cheese 1kg (and%)65,00
L'Antica CascinaWhite Truffle Cheese 1kg (and%)75,00
L'Antica CascinaWine Pecorino Cheese 1kg (and%)65,00
L'Antica CascinaDry Pecorino Cheese 1kg (and%)60,00
L'Antica CascinaSoft Goat Cheese Semi Dry Cheese 1kg (and %)65,00
IgorMascarpone 500gr15,00
IgorRicotta 1kg30,00
IgorGorgonzola Dolce DOP Cheese 1kg (and %)55,00



Brand (or equivalent)DescriptionPrice in S$
La Casa in CollinaBarbera d'Asti DOCG 2011 750ml Red35,00
San MartinoChianti Classico DOCG 750ml Red35,00
RalloNero D'Avola 2013 DOP 750ml Red32,00
ApollonioPrimitivo 2011 IGT 750ml Red50,00
PecorariPinot Grigio 2013 IGT 750ml White35,00
Just RobertoLambrusco IGT 750ml Sparkling Red27,00
SpagoProsecco 750ml Sparkling White26,00



Brand (or equivalent)DescriptionPrice in S$
GennariParma Ham Whole 1kg55,00
GennariParma Ham Sliced 1kg65,00